Mini Ski ™️

Mini Ski ™️

Mini Ski ™️

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Turn your shoes into mini skis 

Mini skis are essentially a combination of skiing and ice skating . Feels like ice skating, just on the snow . 

Mini Ski ™️ are made of highly durable and lightweight fiberglass reinforced material.

Metal ski edges enable easy stopping. Heel brake lets you slow down.
Adjustable bindings let you attach Mini Ski ™️ to any shoe.

Use them for downhill on and off the slopes, in snowparks, through forest trails,
and even for cross-country skiing.

Just attach Mini Ski ™️ to any winter shoes or snowboard boots with bindings.
We recommend waterproof shoes that fix your ankle firmly.


One size fits all. We recommend Mini Ski ™️ for shoes of size: 5-13 US / 37-47 EU.

So many people are excited about this new winter sport, it is going to
take the world by storm. Some even assume it will be the next Olympic sport.

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